Halloween at my house a work in progress

I have started working on my Halloween lighting here at the house. My setup is three OLA (Open Lighting Architecture) nodes and LightFactory

OLA node, dimmer and fresnel

a dockstar connected to a dimmer pack

1 universe output as the console. To the left you can see one of my OLA nodes. The node receives Art-Net dmx over ethernet and outputs it to the Enttec Open Dmx controller. which is plugged in to a dimmer pack that controls a Fresnel. the other nodes use Enttec’s usb dmx pro instead.

House Lights

The work in progress result





you can see a youtube video of the system in action here or with out commentary here.

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Industrial Controled Alarm Clock Build Has began

Industral Controlled Alarm clock Stations logic Earlier this month I started working on the Industrial controlled alarm clock again. The picture on the left is the SR latch logic for the input buttons. Jonathan Streeter is helping me out by pointing me the right way when it comes to logic.

The current Idea for the alarm clock is to be a modular system, with a bus connecting different processors (PIC chips).

The current part of the clock that I am working on is the Input from the buttons and output to the LED displays.

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Dfw airport

Its interesting how it is still changing. Saw the public side of the TRIP project. Its amazing how they can just wall up a 1/3of the terminal

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Billy Elliot

Going to see the musical Billy Elliot. Tonight ^ _^

It was very good.

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New Backbone switch!

A picture of my rackSo I got a New(used) Hp gigabyte switch! Its the middle one in the picture, labeled switch 5.

It is a Hp ProCurve Switch  2824.

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Welcome to my wordpress blog where I will be posting about Lighting design and different programing projects.

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